Compauto GmbH

was founded in 1999.


In the early years, Compauto focused on the introduction of its partner companies’ products to the German market. Over the years, we have developed and implemented additional business fields.


Today, Compauto is responsible for the overall project management in various industry sectors, ranging from market research and analysis to series production.


We cooperate with research institutes, material testing laboratories and other institutes in the Karlsruhe Technology Region (, which allows us to continually meet the increasing requirements of our customers.

We have established excellent relations and personal contacts with our customers in all business sectors resulting from many years of intense cooperation with renowned customers from all relevant industry sectors.


Compauto partner companies are outstanding when it comes to efficient, medium-sized and flexible orientation.


Our customers benefit from our unique corporate structure with its consistent project responsibility for different material groups in one system component.


Compauto guarantees clear and market-oriented structures in all of its partners’ corporate divisions and defines precise interfaces for our customers.



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